Management and Promoters

( Chairman )

Brings over half a century’s worth of experience in manufacturing to Flash Electronics. With an educational background matched by a few in the industry, he is a Mechanical Engineer from London.

Mr. R.S. Vasdev formerly headed the motorcycle division of Yamaha India Ltd (formerly ESCORTS Ltd.) from 1987 and retired as the vice president in 1993. He was instrumental in signing the Joint Venture between Escorts and Yamaha

Sanjeev VasdevSanjeev Vasdev
( Founder & Managing Director )

Sanjeev Vasdev is the founder of Flash Electronics and is at the realm of the company. Pursuant to the passage of a new motor vehicle regulation making flashers mandatory for two-wheelers by the Ministry of Surface Transport in 1989, he made the critical and timely decision to meet the need. Within a mere four weeks, Flash Electronics developed flashers and was ready to enter the automotive component sector as a manufacturer.

A go-getter with an experience of over 25 years, Sanjeev Vasdev has been the backbone of the company and under his stewardship Flash has experienced unprecedented growth. His engineering background has played an immeasurable role in determining strategic business imperatives and in realizing the corporate goals of the company. He has developed successful partnerships with industry leaders from around the globe to meet present and future needs of the automotive component sector.

Parmeet VasdevParmeet Vasdev
(Director )

Mr. Parmeet Vasdev, with an educational background in commerce, heads the sprocket Division of Flash Electronics in Faridabad, Haryana. Under his able leadership, Flash has now become the third largest chain-sprocket manufacturer in India.

His excellent marketing and sprocket engineering skills along with an experience of 20 years have played an instrumental role for Flash in marking new milestones and establishing its name in the Mechanical Automotive Sector.

N P KathuriaN P Kathuria

NP Kathuria An engineer from India’s premier educational institution - IIT, Delhi Mr. N. P. Kathuria is responsible for all the R&D activities at Flash Electronics.

His constant striving for innovative creations has been instrumental in setting and achieving new benchmarks for the industry. With a foundation in Electronics, Mr. Kathuria holds unprecedented knowledge for future R&D endeavors at Flash