In-House Capabilities

We have designed our own software to measure various parameters for testing machines. Our latest development has been our own software which has been named as FLOEE(Flash overall equipment efficiency)that can be used to measure the overall equipment efficiency.

Since its inception, Flash has always focused on innovation to deliver durable solutions. In order to offer competitive and equally cost-effective deliverables, the company has an in-house set up of Special Purpose Machinery (SPM). It’s established with the objective of facilitating ease in maintaining the line equipments and support short equipment lead time for quick and timely set up. We have been successful in designing everything from Test and Validation fixtures to complete Assembly lines till date.

Test Machines

We have the capability to design testing machines that enable us to measure different parameters at the same time which otherwise can be measured with the help of different machines that are readily available in the market. This helps us speedup up our manufacturing process and allows us to offer products at a competitive price.

Assembly Lines

We have designed our own assembly lines – Straight lines, U shaped lines etc depending on the manufacturing process in order to ease the flow of material and produce more efficiently with low cycle times.

Tool Room facilities

We have a fully equipped tool room with the latest state of art machinery that helps us to carry out continuous improvements and modernization of our tools and fixtures. Upgrading of tools and fixtures in a continuous practice in our company.


Being an electronic component manufacturer, it is very important for us to have rigorous automation capabilities as there are many components like sensors that cannot be touched by human. We have mastered in automation over these years and have drastically reduced man dependency at our plant.