Manufacturing Facilities


  • Starter Motor
  • Wiper Motor
  • Magneto
  • Alternator
  • Ignition Coil
  • Spark Plug Cap
  • Linmer Actuator
  • Immobilizer Coil


  • Sensors
  • CDI
  • Regulator
  • Flashers
  • LED Modules

Exhaust Gas and Temperature Controls

  • Emmission Gas Regulation Valve (EGR)
  • Thermostat


  • Starter Relay
  • Throttle Body


  • Rear Chain Sprocket
  • Drive Chain Sprocket
  • Primary Driver & Driven Gears
  • Transmission Gears & Shafts

Industrial Electronics

  • Single Phase Energy Meter
  • 3 Phase energy Meter


  • Chain Sprocket Division


  • Meter Division B

TPM Driven Company

Flash has been following TPM since 2008 and we have been successful in achieving a tremendous increase in productivity with a modest investment in maintenance. Our plant setup and functioning is based on the eight pillars of TPM. Each Operator before getting onto job assignment undergoes 5 - Axis Training Program for a week . This program has been extended to our Suppliers too.

World class manufacturing lines with high technology system controls

Poka Yoke stations to ensure no progression of defects to the next stage.

Easy and efficent movement of material from one station to anothe

Methods to ensure FIFO in stores