Flash Electronics strives to continue the delivery of products that can function in all corners of the world and satisfy users operating in diverse environments. To ensure same, we test our products for a multitude of qualities, such as heat resistance, heat shock resistance, weather resistance & vibration (with or without environment conditions) in order to improve product reliability.

To ensure reliability, we use our thermal cycle, thermal shock, vibration test rig (with or w/o environment conditions) to test our electronics /electrical & electromechanical products at low/high temperatures with or without vibration for the evaluation of toughness of our products.

Simulation Software

Flash Electronics is committed to developing products that are trusted by our customers in terms of quality & cost. In Flash Electronics we believe that to meet the changing market’s technical requirements & to deal with growing international concerns about the environment and safety, as well as the demands for higher functionality and comfort we need fast and flexible R&D. To make our R&D fast and flexible we have taken an initiative to use simulation techniques in order to deliver inventive and valued products to customers in India and overseas.