Bing Power System

New Technologies have been brought to India by Flash through an acquisition of a German Company – Bing Power Systems GmbH.
Bing Power is renowned worldwide and has been leader in the European market for over 145 years for manufacturing of carburetors, mechanical and electronic throttle bodies, diaphragm pumps oil spray & piston cooloing jets. Another latest development is the ‘Gear Assistant for 2- wheelers that gives the user the ability to change gears without engaging the clutch. With linear Actuators and position & pressure Sensors already being an area of core expertise, Flash Group’s move to offer the entire system of fuel injection will give OEM’s in India substantial cost benefits.


Areas where BING products are used:

  • Automobile
  • Motorcycles
  • Industrial engines
  • Motor saws and garden tools
  • Construction
  • Leisure industry (Ultralight Airplanes, boat motors, ATVs, snowmobiles …)
  • Cogeneration plants

Currently Bing produces 35 families of carburettors and 10 families of throttle bodies in more than 300 different variants for OEMs alone in its factory area spread across 23000 sqm. in Nuremberg, Germany.

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